We provide office insurance in Gibraltar offering a fast and cost effective business insurance policy for office based businesses that provides you with a range of covers to ensure that you enjoy a comprehensive level of protection for your office whilst being tailored to meet your needs.

What is the office insurance policy?

The policy provides Gibraltar businesses with a variety of different covers under one simple to understand and administer policy.

The cover includes;

Material Damage Insurance

Protecting the physical assets of your business such as office contents, electronic equipment and any buildings or tenants improvements you have made to a rented property.

Business Interruption Insurance

Protecting the income of the business if the working of the office is disrupted by a claim that occurs under the material damage section of the policy, such as a fire or flood.

Public Liability Insurance

Protecting the business against claims made against it by third parties in respect of it’s legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising in the course of the business.

Employers Liability Insurance

Protecting the business against claims made by employees in respect of the policyholder’s legal liability for death, disease or personal injury arising during the course of their employment.

All Risks Insurance

A wide protection for physical assets of the business such as portable equipment whilst in the premises and whilst off-site.

How much does office insurance cost in Gibraltar?

The office insurance policy is very competitive in it’s pricing and the premium will be based upon the level of cover that you require, your experience in business and whether you have previously had any claims.

How do I apply for office insurance?

Call us on 200 77076 or call in to discuss your requirements with us at 92 Irish Town.