medical malpractice insurance in GibraltarLooking for medical malpractice insurance in Gibraltar, we provide a fast and competitive service for both traditional medical professions and a wide range of alternative medical practitioners from our panel of leading underwriters.

As specialist liability insurance brokers we enjoy wide access to the leading medical malpractice insurers and are ideally placed to assist you in the arrangement of your malpractice insurance in a timely and cost effective manner.

What is medical malpractice insurance?

The medical malpractice insurance insurance policy is designed to protect the policyholder against claims made against them in respect of the their legal liability for bodily injury, including mental and psychological damage, or death as a result of a breach of professional duty.

A breach of professional duty can arise during the course of a physical procedure or from advice, or from a combination of the two.

What is the limit of indemnity under a medical malpractice insurance policy?

The limit of indemnity is the maximum amount the insurance company will pay in respect of any one claim under the medical malpractice policy. This limit may be referred to as any one claim and in the aggregate, which means that the limit of indemnity applies to any one claim and also it is the maximum the insurance company will be pay out in a single policy year. It is possible to arrange malpractice insurance with an any claim limit and a higher limit in respect of the aggregate of claims in a year.

What limit of indemnity do I need for medical malpractice insurance?

The limit you require under your policy will depend upon the risks that you are exposed to and the type of work you undertake but in many cases it may well be a requirement placed upon you by a regulatory or professional body. Some medical malpractice policies start with limits from £50,000 and are available with considerably higher limits when required.

What is the claims made basis under medical malpractice insurance policy?

Most policies are issued on a claims made basis; this means that the policy responds only to claims that are made against the policyholder whilst the policy is in force. Once the policy is cancelled even claims for work undertaken whilst the policy was in force are not covered if the claim is notified after the policy expired.

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